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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Step by step

This picture of Ryker's wet footprints was not staged. He was playing in a creek and I just so happened to have my Nikon around my next. I thought it was so cute. Had to share:

Friday, June 24, 2011

The difference in boys and girls...

   So yesterday Ryker stepped up from crib to toddler bed. It is unexplainable what an emotional struggle this was for me. It sounds crazy even as I type it. I vividly remember how excited and anxious I was for Cheyenne to finally be in a toddler bed...and I must say I made the transition with her about six months early in her life that we did with Ryker. I guess I have chalked this up to one of the many differences in boys and girls. As a mother (and girl) I am so happy for all of the experiences that await Cheyenne, but for Ryker I see each step as one step closer to being a big boy and one step farther from needing his mommy.
    Anyway, as I wipe away the tears...this should be a joyous time for Ryker and so I celebrate with blog post of his new sleeping accommodations:)

 Cheyenne showing Ryker how the big kids sleep:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching up on cakes...

 I have had times to do a few cakes in the past couple of weeks, however finding the time to post them on the blog hasn't happened. So...here is the "cake catch-up"!

River Rat Grad Cake

 House Warming Cake 

 Strawberry Shortcake Birthady Cake

Hunting/Fishing Birthday Cake