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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Picture Facts:

-This photo was taken by Grandma Lori on Christmas Eve.
- Bryan and I are sporting our new "Christmas duds" that were gifts from my mom and Bob.
- Cheyenne is most definitely the most photogenic person in our family.
- Ryker is the least excited person to be taking this picture...daddy was the second least excited.
- I knew our Christmas tree was skinny, but I am really almost completely blocking the whole thing with my body alone! New year I will be small or the tree will be bigger...or our picture will be taken outside:)

New Year/Same ol' Thing

I start every new year wishing I was a better blogger. Well this year is a little different. Just like every other year I do have a strong urge to make promises I will never keep...like last year's "a post a day" resolution that didn't even make it through January! Well not the year! The resolution for 2013 is to have no resolutions at all! My unfulfilled promises only end up backfiring and discouraging me. So I am giving my self the gift of not inflicting an unrealistic pressure on myself to be the super-blogger I will never be. I am hopeful our busy 2013 will allow for more blogging, but we will just have to take it a day at a time:)