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Monday, December 14, 2015

Shiney's Shout-Outs

Cheyenne is getting involved in helping keep this blog afloat...okay well really the fact this blog is still going is thanks to her relentless nagging. So really maybe her involvement now is her taking matters into her own hand to keep the blog posts coming. Either way she has come up with a great idea to interact with our family and friends through this blog. Watch this video as Cheyenne shares her idea...

  So she wants to start "Vlogging"(video blogging) but she wants you guys to submit to her ideas and topics. If you are a family member then you can call or text C directly, all other submitted requests can be sent to thevolpe4@yahoo.com. Please send your ideas ASAP. She is super excited about this and will be driving me crazy asking if anyone has responded yet...so PLEASE DO...NOW...PLEASE! 

A little Christmas craft!

This was a little idea I snagged from Pinterest. Cute, easy and inexpensive. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Just a little glimps of what Christmas looks like at our house this year...