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Thursday, April 30, 2009

22 weeks

Here is an update of Baby Ryker's development this week:
Baby measures about 7.6 inches and weighs about 12.3 ounces. His muscles are getting stronger, and his eyelids and eyebrows have developed. Your baby's acrobatics are pretty constant, and since he responds to sound, rhythm and melody, you can try singing and talking to him.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shannahan's come to town...

This post is a little behind...but at the beginning of April we were so excited to have my Mom and brothers up for a visit. It was a busy week, and time seemed to fly by, but I did manage to snap a few pics:

Bryan, Travis, Trey, Me, Cheyenne, Tyler and Trevor in the Natural Bridge Caverns.

Trey and Cheyenne in the caves.

Trevor and I sporting bat hats at the cavern gift shop!

These pics were taken at the Drive-thru Safari in Natural Bridge. This lama looked like he was about to spit on Bryan!

Tyler feeding a lama.

This is a clip taken during the Safari. As you can hear it was very exciting:)

Travis reading to Cheyenne.

Trey showing of the mohawk hair cut I gave him while he was here!
Mom getting pampered during our pedicures.
We had a great week and hated to see them go. We are now counting down the days until our vacation to Florida. Only 17 more days to go!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a...


The Volpe Three (soon to be four) are so happy to announce we will be adding a boy to our family! Here is a video clip from our sonogram:

Bryan and I at the DR office.

This is our little baby boy is some sort of contorted baby yoga position. That is his foot up by his face!!!

Cheyenne showing off a pic of her baby brother!

Everything went great at our appointment. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, April 2, 2009