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Friday, December 23, 2011

A very Pinterest Christmas

I am pretty sure this will be the best Christmas yet for the Volpe 4. We are getting a special present that will be blogged about tomorrow, but that is not why this is such a great Christmas. This Christmas a miracle has been preformed...I am PREPARED!! I am not sure how this happened but I like it!! So with the help of Pinterest--A crafters dream website, I have actually been able to make some the Christmas crafts I usually can only dream of having time for:)

The first pictures are of Cheyenne and I with the t-shirts scarfs we made with a little help from Grandma Lori. This was such an easy project--no sewing! Here is the instructional video.

The pink scarfs are BFF scarfs that Cheyenne made as gifts for her besties:)

The snowman ornament is the a gift for the grandmas this year. The eyes and mouth are made with the kids finger prints.

And the final project is probably my favorite. My "fridge-man":) 

 I am not sure what is under this wrapping, but I am sure it is crafty and made with love from my "Shiney girl"! She was even a sweet sister and included Ryker in the gift giving. It is the sweetest thing under our tree:) 

We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas.
"The greatest gift ever given was not found under the tree but hung on one."

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